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First cricketer to score 5 centuries in a single World Cup

5 centuries in a single World Cup. Amazing!

This is all about the Cricket World Cup 2019 when the match was going between India vs Sri Lanka.

Rohit Sharma made the World Record of hitting 5 centuries in a single World Cup and he is the 1st cricket batsman in the world doing so.

Also, Rohit Sharma is the 2nd batsman after Sachin Tendulkar hitting 6 centuries in the World Cup.

With K.L.Rahul (Opener from India) who made 111 runs, Rohit scored 103 (Opening End) runs and made the tremendous solid partnership of 189 which is another record for India in 2019 (till 6July).

Now, India has captured first position in ranking of the World Cup and having another match (semi-final) with New Zealand on Tuesday (9July).

Lets see if Rohit Sharma is able to hit another century in this World Cup!