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Below are top 10 lost hidden places on earth


10. Petrifying Well

It's a well which can turn any object into stone like appearance. If an object is places for few weeks/ months, the surface of the object becomes hard like stone. It's located in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire.

This happens because the water is rich in minerals, particularly calcium from the limestone. As water evaporates it leaves a deposit of calcium carbonate on the objects places in it.

9. Movile Cave

This cave is located in Mangalia, ConstanČ›a County, Romani. Atmosphere of this cave is rich in carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide but very low in oxygen. There are about 43 species in the cave which were never seen earlier. 

8. Palawan Islands

This island is situated in Philippines having average height of 1,100 meters from sea level. This island consists of various species which are very rare and never seen before. Scientists are still doing research of it's ecosystem.

7. Machu Picchu

It's a city constructed on the mountains of Peru for the Inca Emperor. It is also know as the "Lost City of Incas". 

This city remained unknown till 1911 from the outer world until American historian "Hiram Bingham" brought it to international attention.

6. Mount Roraima

Mt. Roraima is located in South America on border between Guyana, Brazil and Venezuela.
It's height is about 2,810 meters (9,220 ft). 

There are many unique species found found on it's surface and it rains almost every day of the year. It's entire surface is covered with few bushes and algae.

5. Sima Humboldt

It's a enormous sinkhole located on the summit of the plateau of Venezuela. It's unusual from many prospective like its enormous size and depth, its location on the top of the forested tepui and having its own unique ecosystem.

Its volume is 18,000,000 m3, with a max width of 352 meters at its upper rim and 502 meters below, and a depth of 314 meters.

 4. Hang Son Doong

This is a cave located near Laos–Vietnam border and is the worlds largest cave having a depth of 150 meters and length approx. 9 kms. 

It has its own ecosystem, flowing river, large trees and different species.

3. East Scotia Ridge

This mysterious Ridge was discovered in 2012. It's height is 8,212 ft below the sea level and it gets heated up to 719 degree Fahrenheit due to which new varieties of undiscovered species are living here.

2. Cape Melville

Cape Melville is located on the Cape York Peninsula, Australia. Here, many different unique species exists such as Leaf tailed gecko, Shade shrink, Boulder frog, Foxtail palm.

1. Mount Bosavi

Mount Bosavi is an extinct volcano located in Papua New Guinea. It's crater is approx. 4 kms. wide and 1 kms. deep. Now, it's a home of endemic species which were never seen before.