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All you want to know about Bottle Cap Challenge

Here, are the facts about Bottle Cap Challenge

Bottle Cap Challenge

Everyday, we are seeing new things and challenges all around which can be related to anything or can be triggered by anyone.

Now, from past month of June 2019 a new challenge is VIRAL all over the web and I found that every information of this challenge in not available in single place.

So, Viralifearth dig out and tried to put every piece of information related to this challenge on one place.

Let's BEGIN with some Questions and Answers to figure more about this challenge.

Q - What is the name of the challenge?
A - Bottle Cap Challenge.

Q - Who discovered it?
A - It was discovered by "Farabi Davletchin".

Farabi Davletchin
Farabi Davletchin

Q - Who is "Farabi Davletchin"?
A - He is a Taekwondo Instructor.

Q - When was this challenge originated?
A - 25th June 2019

Q - Why he discovered this challenge?
A - Wew! He simply posted his video on web and it went viral. (Sometimes, somethings don't have "Why?") 😉

Q - How to perform this challenge?
A - You need to take a bottle and have to open its cap by roundhouse kick. Cap can be loosely fit but beware, bottle need not to be broken or get crash.

Check the below video to know, how to perform roundhouse kick.

Q - What is the difficulty level of this challenge?
A - Hard

Below is the video some celebrities who have accepted this challenge.

 Bonus Video💖


So, what are you waiting for? huh