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8 Must Have Safety Gadgets For Women

Top Gadges for Women Safety

Let's check out these Safety Gadgets for Women - ViraLifEarth Recommendation

1. Sound Grenade E-Alarm

Sound Grenade E-Alarm - Women Safety Gadgets

A non lethal weapon having weight only 20gms and create a loud siren of 120 Db. Its range of sound is approx 100 meters and created for the prevention of murder, rape, mugging or any kind of risky situation.

2. Revolar

Revolar- Women Safety Gadgets

Revolar is an oval shape small gadget which is easily to keep into small jeans pockets of sports bra.
When it's pressed twice then it sends a signal to the designated contact with your current location stating that you are not safe.

3. Personal Alarm Wristlet

Personal Alarm - Women Safety Gadgets

This personal alarm gadget is specially designed for women and is kept  in the outer pockets or purse or jeans. It sounds a loud alarm signal once the pin is pulled from the gadget. The sound will really attract the attention of other people easily.

4. Smart Pendent

Smart Pendent - Women Safety Gadgets

As the name suggests this pendent is smart enough to help you out whenever you are alone. You need to just press the button twice located in this pendent and your location will be sent to your loved ones.

5. Sonata Watch ACT

Sonata smart watch

Sonata has manufactured this COOL watch for the women only. This watch is Bluetooth compatible and will send the location to your loved once whenever required. Nobody will never knew that you are wearing a safety gadget.

6. Safety Rods

Safety Rods - Women Safety Gadgets

These Rods are made of hard steel and have around 1.5kgs of weight. These rods can be used for both offense and defense and deals massive damage to the victim. The pain will really shock the attacker and they will have no choice to get away from you asap. These rods are fold-able and can be kept easily in purse. Also, it can expand up to 1.5 feet in length.

7. Safety Torch With Stun Gun

Safety Torch with Stun Gun - Women Safety Gadgets
It's a rechargeable LED flashlight torch with hidden electricity power. A person will be having massive pain once it's triggered on the person.

8. Pepper Spray

Pepper spray - Women Safety Gadgets

Pepper spray can be used on both eyes and outer skin but it's more effective on eyes.
These are small bottles and can be kept easily in the bags. Now a days pepper spray are available in the shape of lipstick