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How LIE DETECTOR catches your Lie?

Find the Truth with LIE DETECTOR

From the beginning of humanity, people are lying to someone in their daily life. They can be partners, friends, family, colleagues or strangers.

As years got passed and it was the serious concern that how can a lie be detected?

how lie detector catches lie

About 2000 years ago in INDIA, suspect liars were given a grain of rice to chew and then they have to spit it soon. Now, here the logic was that if they are lying, there mouth would be dry and they wouldn't be able to spit anything out.

Now, in 1921 a medical student from the University of California named as John Larson invented a very first polygraph graph machine.

In 1925, Leonarde Keeler modified the instrument which was made by John Larson. This instrument was really working better than before in catching lies.

The word "Polygraph" is made from 2 Greek words that are:
  • Poly means "Many"
  • Graph means "Writing"
So, polygraph machine consists of sensors and strips of papers with some needles to write on it.

Polygraph machine monitors multiple activities at once like:
  • Breathing Rate
  • Sweat Level and
  • Heart Rate

According to a survey in US, every year around 70,000 people take polygraph test to secure jobs in government sector. This technology is mostly used in:
  1. Court Room
  2. Police Departments
  3. Federal Agencies
Polygraph questions are asked in 3 stages:
  1. Basic Questions
  2. Target Questions
  3. Other Base Line Questions

And at last, there are 2 kinds of graphs generated in polygraph test:
      1. Small Graphs: It shows that the person is in normal conditions and providing correct answers.
      2. Large Graphs: It shows that the person is in stress and may be lying.