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Deadliest Island : You will never dare to visit

Deadliest Island in the World

Deadliest island

Below are some interesting facts listed by ViraLifEarth:
  • The island is famous as a name of "Snake Island".
  • Snake Island is the nick name of  "Ilha da Queimada Gra✉⚠⚠nde" which is the the actual name of this island.
  • This island is located on the Off coast part of Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • This island is small in size which consists of different types of species and terrains.
  • Basically, it's the home for one of the most dangerous and venomous snakes in the world like golden Pit Vipers

Snake Island

  •  All the snakes got trapped here because of the rising sea level that covered up most of the land of this island. Now, this island don't have much flat surface. As the time goes by, these snakes started adapting the changes of this environment and are continuously increasing in numbers.
  • The Government of Brazil has banned this island for the public.
  • Only Brazilian Navy and Researchers can get access in this island. Every year only some scientists do get access here for there research purpose.
  • The area of this island is approx. 430,000 square meters (110 acres) in area.
  • The elevation of this island from sea level is about 676 ft.