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What happens if FACEBOOK shuts down?

Is Facebook really going to close?

OMG! What am I reading here?
So, now what will happen if Facebook announces to SHUTDOWN?

facebook shutdown

Consequences :
  1. This will be a kind of Apocalypse to this Earth for social media users. 
  2. Around 80% of  users will get disconnected from there friends including relatives, parents and others.
  3. Billions of people will lose there contacts.
  4. Today, internet is used by millions of the people and its just a imagination that if Facebook will shutdown.
  5. All the employees of Facebook will become jobless.
  6. Many search activities will get stop instantly including people, jobs and other kind of works.

facebook closed

But, not to worry now. In Case if Facebook will shutdown then HOPEFULLY it will send message to everyone for it. 
And may be till that time we will get something newer than facebook.
So, RELAX and CHILL till the FACEBOOK is working.😀