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Dreams you should never ignore

Dreams you should never ignore

Why we use to see different kinds of dreams and are they really helpful to us?

People use to see dreams but they don't even know that they might be getting something meaningful from their dreams. Sometimes, understanding the dreams can change your life in many ways.

A survey conducted by Newsweek , revealed that  43 percent of Americans believe that dreams can tell about the wishes and desires if taken seriously. Although, many scientists believe that dreams can reveal the things of future which can be taken care in present.

Below are listed some dreams which you should never ignore:


1- Dreams About Falling

dreams about falling

This dream is very common to most of the people. At least, once in our life we all have seen that we are falling from somewhere and there is no end of it.

While, there is a common myth also behind it which some people believe. The myth is that, if the person touches the ground while falling in their dream then they will also die in their real life which is not true.

Dream about falling reveals that, the person's life is not going very well and there are some kind of disturbance happening. The disturbances can be related to personal issues like friendship, family, job, relationships or any kind of thing which they really care about.

As soon, as you get this dream then start thinking about the issue which is really disturbing your life and make a proper solution of it. This dream also states that a person should start enjoying their life instead of thinking it as a burden.

2- Dreams About Pregnancy

dreams about pregnancy

Some people believe that dream about pregnancy can often lead to misshapen or fear. But, the truth is that this type of dream indicates, the person is really serious about deepening the relationship. This dreams often appears in the dreams of women who are very serious about relationship with their partner.

3- Dreams About Flying

dreams about flying

Dreams about flying indicate that something in our life is out of control and it's largely related towards relationships.

Dreams of flying can also be related to some practical difficulties which are facing in our life. These difficulties can be like not able to perform in job, family related issues, fighting with friends or colleagues and much more.

If you are taking a flight through the plane then this indicates that you may get some sad news in near future.Also, on the other hand if something is flying away from you then it indicates that you are going to conquer over people who are damaging your reputation.

If you are floating or flying and all of sudden you are falling down then this means that you are going to get detach from someone in social connection. While on the other hand, if you are seeing birds while you are flying then you are going to make some good social connections.

4- Dreams About Infidelity

dreams about infidelity

Most of people relates the dreams about infidelity to the cheating of life partner and couples. This can be true in some cases but not all the time.

If you are dreaming about it then possibly you are not getting the trust, attention, respect, love from your partner. As soon as you get this dream then you must soon talk to your partner about this and clear out the things which are going in between.

You can also get this dream if you are having some previous relationships in which you or your partner had cheated each other. So, just be careful if you are getting this dream of infidelity because every time it's not necessary that your partner is cheating on you.

Also, this dream occurs in case if you are cheating on your partner.

5- Dreams About Giving a Test

dreams about exam

Dreams about giving a test indicates that, there is something which you are fearing from. It can be anything related to life, business, work or even your real exam.

Examinations are often stressful and if a student or any candidate is having this dream then, they should immediately start taking action on it because there is a possibility that the person is not fully prepared for the upcoming event.

Sometimes, it also indicates that the person is failing in every aspect of their life and not able to perform all out of it.

6- Dreams About Dying

dreams about dying

Dying while you sleep can symbolizes many different things. It can represent that you are going through some change in your life and some kind of transformation is going to happen.
If you dreams that your ex has died then there is end of the relationship due to certain reasons. If a person is getting promoted, getting married then they can experience this dream.

If you are dying in your dream then some big changes may appear in your life which can bring big impact on you and your loved once.

In some cases it has been observed that if someone is seeing someone or oneself dying then this actually came true. This thing happens to my mother around 20years ago in year 2000. My mother saw a dream that my grand father has died and the next day she receives a call from the family of my grand fathers death. Only, she got this dream because she was close to him and was like daughter to my grand father.

So, in case if you are also seeing this kind of dream then don't ignore it. May be the dream is really telling you about someone's death.

7- Dreams About Being Chased

dreams about getting chased

If you are dreaming about being chased then you are really avoiding some issue or person in your life.

Getting Chased By Yourself:

If you are getting chased by yourself then you may be having anger, fear, frustration or jealousy. next time if you see this dream again then stop, ask your chaser that why are they chasing you and certainly you will get your answer.

YES! you can definitely control your dream.


Getting Chased By Animal:

If you are getting chased by an animal then probably you are showing suppressed anger in some parts of your life. It shows that the anger is ruling out your everyday life due to which you are not able to concentrate.

Whenever animals appear in our subconscious mind, they usually symbolize the wilder aspect of our lives, where all our rage and ferocity is projected onto a wild animal so that we can distance ourselves from any savage behavior that arises.

Getting Chased By Strangers:

If someone is chasing you then, you are probably avoiding some important personal or professional situations of your life. You are getting this dream because you don't have energy or you fear to deal with the situation.

As soon as you get this dream, be focus on what needs to be solved first otherwise small things can create big mess in life.


Everything we do in our life is linked with something or someone. Each and every aspect of life is linked with one another like the pearl necklace. We need to figure out the things which are going into our lives.

The dreams which we use to see tells us something very important which we should never ignore. Even if you are only seeing that you are having a cup of tea in your dream then also you should try to figure out that why you saw that dream and what that dream is telling you about.

Do not try to run out of the situations because sometimes we can get the solutions in our dreams itself. Try to focus on each dream which you are getting and you will definitely see some miracles in your life.

So, ideally what kind of dreams you have seen so far and what was the most important one? 
Have you tried to figure out any of your dream?