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Farmer borrows Rs.20 thousand from wife and wins $4 Million

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A Farmer borrows ₨ 20,000 from his wife and wins $ 4 million in Dubai

 A farmer who was working in Dubai was not able to earn enough but he was collecting lottery tickets from past 2 years. 

This farmer was working as a cab driver in Dubai and his name is Villas Rikkala. Vikas was basically from Hyderabad and  working for his family to survive in India. After 2 years Vikas was not able to sustain in Dubai and decided to return India.

Villas family currently lives in India. He has a wife and 2 daughters. All of them lives in Hyderabad which is a city located in India.

After returning India he borrowed 20K Indian Rupees from his wife and bought lottery tickets with the help of his friend who lives in Dubai.

Later on when the lottery was announced then Villas won $4 million Raffle instead.


We can say that LUCK can be with you when you have done all hard work in your life.

GOD knows who is capable of doing great things.

So, what do you think of this? Is is really worth to buy lottery tickets? Do Comment below.