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How Internet Actually Works?

how internet works

Let's know the reason behind the working of internet.

Have you guys ever thought that how the internet reaches to your home devices like mobile and laptops?

There are data centers which are used to store the information like photo, videos, texts and much more things which reaches to you far more than thousand miles.

So, the most easy way to achieve this goal was the use of satellites. With the help of satellites, data centers can send the signals directly to it and then satellites can emit those signals to our nearby towers and this way our devices can catch these signals. Right?



Transmitting signals this way can make the signals lost in space because the distance from satellite to earth is about 22,000 miles and we will not be able to get everything visible on our devices.

So, what is the real thing behind this INTERNET? Let's find out!

Now, a days internet is like water and air to human beings. In fact, we can't actually survive without it because it is holding out lives in many ways. Without the use of it we can't even have the electricity or even water in some parts of the world. Yeah! that's true.

Well internet reaches to us with the help of Optical Fiber Cables which are spread all around the world within sea water.

optical fiber

These Optical fibers are connected between the data centers and signal emitting antennas. As soon as the signals reaches the nearest antenna, your device is ready to capture that signal and then you are able to watch the stuffs like online movies, playing games, using social media and much more.

Because the optical fiber cable are under sea, so they are always monitored by several teams.They get replace or fix as soon there is any kind of issue in those cables

Now, suppose if any cable is tear down by any the shark then how will you be able to access the internet?

Well, then we have many backup cables also to handle these kind of situations including natural disasters. We have also many other cables in the sea who works as backup if one of them is not working.

Also, most of you have already heard about the term Bandwidth. So, we use to consume the certain amount of bandwidth which our nearest tower is transmitting. Every tower who is used in internet transmission is assigned with some bandwidth.

Suppose, the tower is capable of transmitting the bandwidth of 100Gbps. Now, if there are nearly 100 people in that area using the same network assigned to that tower then the speed is distributed among all. So, we use to get the distributed speed instead of dedicated.

There are companies who are divided into 3 Tiers and through which we are getting the internet. Find the below details for more information:

  1. Tier 1 - These are the companies who are actually playing the most important part in delivering the internet to us. These companies use to distribute the optical fiber cables in sea and connect all countries with these optical fiber cables.
  2. Tier 2 - These are the companies which use to distribute the internet in a country and its states. They use to purchase the bandwidth from Tier 1 companies and then distribute.
  3. Tier 3 - These companies are kind of local vendors who use to distribute the internet in the cities and take charges from you.


Basically, internet is Free Of Cost but the amount we pay is for the maintenance of the servers, data centers and optical fiber cables which are distributed all over world and from which we get the internet.

Everything has its own value and now we can't imagine ourselves without internet because it's the part of our lives. We are only living because of the internet now a days. Our bank balance, credit cards, debit cards, online payments, online stores and other 90% things are managed through internet.

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So, can you imagine your life without internet or you are the one of those people who really can't survive without it?