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Top 10 Stress Buster Foods 👍

stress buster

Check out these STRESS buster foods which are really good for your health.

Stress is most common and severe health issue now a days for people all over the world. According to the studies 90% of the world population is suffering from stress.

Basically, stress is caused by some of the common below mentioned activities related to our life
  1. Work or School
  2. Financial Problem
  3. Family and Children
  4. Relationships
  5. Negative Talk
  6. Rigid Thinking
  7. Not able to accept Changes
  8. Unrealistic Expectations
  9. Pessimism
  10. Too much Ego and Attitude

Here, ViraLifEarth has found 10 SUPER FOODS which are really good to fight with Stress.

1. Avocado and Banana



These 2 fruits are loaded with lots of Potassium which make them great stress buster foods. Even Avocado consists of more potassium than banana. Avocado and Banana are really nutritious and loaded with fiber.

2. Green Tea

green tea

Consuming green tea on regular basis can improve your brain functions and works as a stress reliever. Green team is also beneficial when you want to stay fit and look younger. It consists of antioxidants which reduce the risks of some types of cancer.

3. Green Leafy Vegetables

green leafy vegetables

Vegetables like spinach and swiss chard consists of magnesium which helps our body to maintain and balance stress hormones.

4. Fatty Fish

fatty fish

Fishes like Salmon, Sardines and Tuna consists of omega-3 fats which manage your adrenaline level to help you keep cool, calm and moderate.

5. Whole Wheat Pretzels


 Now a days you can get whole wheat pretzels in vending machines which are usually used for breakfast. This food ill help you to reduce the chemical from brain called serotonin which helps in reducing the stress level. Try to consume it in morning or evening.

6. Carrots


This crunchy food helps to beat stress level in great way. Whenever you feel stress,try to grab and eat a carrot.



Milk gives you calcium, vitamin B, vitamin D and protein. Try to have 1 glass of skimmed milk before bedtime and it will really help in reducing your stress level.

8. Yogurt


Whenever you feel stressed try to grab a cup of yogurt instead of anything which contains sugar. It will help you to reduce the stress level.

9. Nuts


Walnuts, Peanuts, Almonds and pistachios are rich in zinc and vitamins which can boost your mood and can reduce your stress level.

10. Chocolate

dark chocolate

Oh Yes! Finally something Tasty and Interesting.came.
I am talking about Dark Chocolates which can reduce your stress level of hormones. As chocolates consists of sugar which helps in reducing the level of stress and it releases mood improving serotonin.
So, try to eat chocolates when you ever feel stressed.


Stress is caused by some internal and external matters which usually appears in human body. In case if you feel stress try above listed foods which will help to lower down your stress level for sure. 

So, which food you usually consume when you are in stress? Comment Below