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What is TRP and how it's calculated

What is TRP

TRP is also known as television Rating point. It shows the rating of the television channel and also the serial viewed most. Allow us to study through this article, what’s TRP, what's TRP rating; what's the impact on the program or the channel of TRP and the way it's calculated etc.

Most of times we've seen individuals watching TV and that we heard regarding the TRP of channel or program just like the TRP of channel is increasing day by day and so on. Do you know how to calculate the TRP of a television channel in addition as shows running on a channel? Various factors are there that outline the TRP of a television channel or program.

What is TRP?

TRP is a TV Rating purpose. It’s the tool that tells us which channel and also the program is viewed most or it indicates the popularity of a television channel or a program. It shows how many times individuals are watching a channel or a specific program. TRP allows the advertisers and investors to understand the mood of the individuals. According to the TRP of a television channel or program advertisers decide wherever to show their advertisements and investors can decide regarding the investment of the money.

How to calculate or check TRP?

Do you know that TRP is calculated by Indian agencies specifically INTAM and DART? INTAM is Indian tv Audience measurement. Earlier, DART that's Doordarshan Audience analysis Team was used to calculate these ratings as that point solely the channel  out there was only Doordarshan. Still DART exists and is workplace that takes the TV viewing pattern of rural individuals into consideration. They randomly choose individuals and question them regarding the various channels and television programs and additionally use electronic ways to get the viewership statistics.

Following two electronic methods are there for calculating TRP:

1. People Meter - This device is installed in some places or set in chosen homes to calculate the TRP. in this approach some thousand viewers are surveyed in the variety of justice and sampling. These gadgets record information regarding the channel or program watched by the members of the family or selected individuals. Through this meter the data of television channel or program for one minute is allotted by the INTAM a monitoring team i.e. Indian TV Audience measurement. Once analyzing the data, the team decides what the TRP of the channel or program is. Or we are able to say that this information is later analyzed by the agency to make national TRP information of various TV channels and television programs.

2. Second technique is known as picture matching wherever the individuals meter records a small portion of the image that's being watched on the TV. This information is collected from a set of homes in the form of footage and later on is analyzed to calculate the TRPs.

What happens when TRP increases or decreases? 

The increase or decrease in TRP of any program directly affects the financial gain of that television channel during which the program is returning. Do you understand that any television channel like Sony, Star Plus, Z Channel etc. earn money through advertisements? If suppose the TRP of a program or channel is low which suggests that folks are watching it less so, advertisers can offer less advertisements and pay less.  But, if the TRP is high of the program then additional advertisements, advertisers and money. So, we are able to say that TRP depends not only on the channel however the program as well. For example, if the TRP of a program say Rising Star is beyond the other program then advertiser would love to provide advertisements in this program and also pay more money.

What is TRP Rate?

The TRP rate is one on which TRP of a television channel is calculated. TRP of any channel or program depends upon the program that's displayed. It is understood that when picture} star arrives in a program for the promotion of his movie, the TRP of that program will increase automatically because individuals prefer to see that movie star more.
So currently you would possibly have understood that the TRP is the television Rating point that helps in tracking the popularity and viewers of any program or channel.

List of hit TRP programs:

1.       Mahabharat
2.       Sacred Games
3.       Malgudi Days
4.       Sherlok Holmes
5.       Sarabhai vs Sarabhai
6.       Kaun banega Crorepati?
7.       Byomkesh Bakshi
8.       Ramayan
9.       Office Office
10.   Chanakya
11.   Satyamev Jayate
12.   Bose: Dead/ Alive
13.   Fauji
14.   Flames
15.   Khichdi
16.   Dekh bhai dekh
17.   Hum Panch
18.   24: India
19.   Shrimaan Shrimati
20.   Bharat ek khoj
21.   Powder
22.   Shaktimaan
23.   Devon ke Dev – Mahadev
24.   C.I.D
25.   Buniyaad
26.   Hum Log
27.   Game of Thrones
28.   Flop Show
29.   Shre Krishna
30.   Yeh Meri Family
31.   Crime Patrol
32.   Tu tu main main
33.   Mirzapur
34.   The Kapil Sharma Show
35.   Comedy nights with Kapil Sharma
36.   Taarak Mehta ka oolta chashma
37.   Koffee with Karan
38.   Baa Bahoo aur Baby
39.   Chandrakanta
40.   Vikram aur Betal
41.   Shararat
42.   Friends

And many more.

So, the programs which you often watch has more or less TRP?