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Dangers Of Using Social Media Which No One Admits

dangers of social media

If talking about present condition people are getting much engaged in social media like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and many others. All, thanks to the unlimited free and cheap internet which made this possible.

Just think that every morning as soon you open your eyes, what is the first thing which you usually do? Of course, you just switch on your internet connection and start scrolling down on the social media websites. The same you do before going to sleep.

What you usually do on social media? You stare, scroll, like, share and comment. Most of the times you don’t even think that what are you liking or what are you commenting or even sharing. You simply scroll hundreds of times to view the posts which are endless and actually even you don’t think that how much time you are wasting on it.

dangers of social media

Of course social media use to connect us with the world, friends and families. Sometimes it also provides us useful information. But if you really see depth of it, then most of the times information is fake which makes many differences out in the world and from which we get affected.

According to a survey from Royal Society for Public Health in the United Kingdom, social media is more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol. People can actually live without smoking or liquor but they can’t live even an hour without using social media. Also, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and Snapchat has been found the most addictive and common social media platforms in all ages.

How the over use of social media effects our mental health?

As per the recent survey on almost 2000 teens and adults by the Royal Society for Public Health and the Young Health Movement (YHM) in UK, Instagram is the most damaging social media platform on mental health. This image sharing and commenting platform let us to see the pictures and videos of people even that we are not following which causes high level of stress and frustration among people due to several reasons.

 dangers of social media

Sometimes, you do see the pictures of the random people who are having different kinds of activities related to fun, family, friends or holiday which can make feel like you missing out the things or doing nothing in the life.

These feelings promote a ‘compare and despair’ perspective, wherever we look at what some other person has and wonder why we can’t be the same. I even have to force myself to not check out Instagram or Facebook very first thing in the morning; as a result of it always sets the tone of my day.

dangers of social media

Social media was created to be a positive outlet. A platform for individuals to express themselves. it's currently become an avenue of negativity. If any celebrity, athlete or political party sends out a tweet that the general public doesn’t accept as true with, they will be taken down with a brutally overwhelming injection of cyber bullying. If you don’t have thick skin, you'll be able to simply change who you're and what you stand for, for fear of being criticized by your followers. I generally debate regarding the photos I post online. I’m wondering if I’m too narcissistic ... posting yet one more image of myself having a good time with my friends. I’m wondering if folks critique me for enjoying my life a bit too much.

How social media affects your private life?

dangers of social media

In an offline world, social communities tend to follow and apply the norms of privacy. You don’t need to share your birthday, address or marital status with the folks in your neighborhood. They ought not to know your likes and your dislikes and what your breakfast appeared like. However once you’re on-line, if you wish to hitch a social networking web site, you've got to disclose your personal info in order to be accepted. Once you become an energetic member of the social media, they withdraw into who you're and what you prefer. They determine concerning your habits, your browsing history, wherever you wish to travel, what you wish to eat and who you act with the foremost. You get uninvited messages from strangers and pokes from long lost acquaintances. In what world world is thrusting somebody okay? It’s not. However it’s simply on-line. You don’t really feel it.

How young people get affected?

dangers of social media

Some youngsters have not known a world without social media. Around 91 per cent of 16-24 year olds use the net for social networking. They use social media currently more than ever before. They provide away information without thinking or knowing the results. They get sucked into a world of on-line games and dangerous on-line trends. There have even been cases wherever suicide games were trending on-line, that youngsters all encouraged one another to participate in. It will be a dark and unpredictable place.


At last we need to think and come to a conclusion that it’s not actually a real world. Most of the things are fake on all over the social media which is affecting our private lives. Specially, the Youngsters are highly affected as they are getting mental sickness all over through it. They use to think there life as useless by seeing others life pictures and videos.  Although, the use of social media can’t be stopped now, but it can be limited to an extent so that it doesn’t harm anyone.

dangers of social media

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Social media and the internet not cheap however internet pretty much required today in a home. It true false news Trump lies on twitter every day that why I dont listen to his social media