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Google Is Spying On You

Google is spying


No doubt that Google is number 1 search engine in entire world. In entire planet everyone uses Google to search anything. In fact, Google has vast number of data libraries that none other search engine has.

Now, a day’s Google is being used in every field like getting current location of any place, to know review and ratings of any place or company, to book a cab, to purchase things, to store documents on Google cloud, listening songs, learn anything and much more.

Have, you ever noticed that Google sometimes display the things which you were only thinking to do or thinking to purchase or thinking to visit somewhere? Ah, there are you now. Now, you are able to remember that sometimes when you use to search anything in Google search Engine then, it automatically show those things in first place. Sometimes, Google also sends push notifications related to that specific thing which you are thinking or talked earlier.

Is Google Tracking You?

 Of course! Google is tracking your location as soon as you switch on your GPS. Google is tracking every step you take, its tracking all the places which you have visited. After visiting a place Google use to ask to review and provide rating of that specific place and directly published on the internet.

Even, Google is tracking the steps of the people who are using the smart watch or fitness bands. Everything is tracked by Google itself.

Is Google hearing you without your permission?

 The answer is YES. Google is actually integrated with a super smart AI which hears everything when you have your android mobile or android device or device integrated with Google near you and then provide you automatic suggestions related to that.

Okay! Try this thing and then you will know. Suppose you are planning to visit any place for a vacation and you are talking to somebody about that. Now, just keep your android mobile near you with internet open or talk over call. In sometime, Google will automatically start providing you suggestions for that particular place. Suggestions related to hotels, restaurant, places to visit nearby and much more.

Is Google watching you?

 This is still a topic of debate for everyone. Some people believe that Google is watching them by hacking there Google device camera. However, Google has denied from this saying that they don’t use to spy on people.

But, still who knows that Google is already doing that and we are not able to track it.

What Google is tracking?

  1. Your Google play store apps.
  2. Your browsing history from Google chrome browser.
  3. Your android device details.
  4. Your photos saved in android mobile or Google cloud.
  5. Your home and office location.
  6. Your Gmail conversations.
  7. Your contacts which you save on cloud.
  8. Your Youtube videos tracking

Every single point mentioned above is more than enough information related to your personal life. Indirectly speaking, your life is with Google.

STOP Google from tracking your activities

YES! You can stop Google from tracking your everyday and every time activities. Google has provided an option for that also. Just visit Google Dashboard and you can easily TURN OFF the tracking from there for the specific activities.

Some other things which Google is tracking:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Email Address
  3. Telephone No.
  4. Your Bank Accounts
  5. Your debit and credit cards
  6. Age
  7. Everything related to Google profile
  8. Logs
  9. IP Address
  10. Browser Cookies


Google has now became a giant who knows every single source of information related to us. We can't run from it now or I can say that we are now fully dependent on it. It's the one who is controlling us. Every piece of our secret is with Google and we don't know that what Google is going to do with it in future. May be Google is already working on something and we don't know about it.

Final words to say is that you can't step down. Even, the piece of information which you will try to remove from google account is already saved in there big data storage servers which we will not be able to delete ever.