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What is the actual cost for getting treatment of COVID-19?

Covid-19 Information


 ViraLifEarth tried to provide answers, for some of the below mentioned questions related to COVID-19 which most of the people want to know about:

    • Is it really worthy to get the treatment for corona virus?
    • How much is the cost of the checkup for the corona virus?
    • Are hospitals doing business in the name of treatment for corona virus?
    • Can you really get better at home being a victim of corona virus?
    • What are the things which you can do to get better if you have corona virus?
    • When is the expected time for the covid-19 medicine to launch?

    So, the first thing which really comes in mind, is there any medicine or vaccination for covid-19 available anywhere? The fact is that there are no medicine or vaccination available in the global market till now for this epidemic corona virus till now. 

    If there is no medicine or vaccination available in market then why people are visiting hospitals for the treatment of covid-19? Answer to this question is that, this virus is very powerful as it spreads easily to anyone and it's capable of mutating, due to which the world is scared much. The victims of covid-19 are most likely to be of old age, kids and people with low immune system.

    Now, here comes the million dollar question. 🤔

    Is it really worthy to get the treatment for corona virus in hospitals?

    covid symtoms

    The fact is it's not at all 100% worthy to get the treatment in hospitals for covid-19. Lots, of people might think that the only way to get cured is to visit the hospitals but did anybody get the interest to know that what hospitals are actually doing when a covid-19 infected person is visiting the hospitals for treatment. Here, ViraLifEarth will help you to know about this fact. 

    Here, is the actual scenario as the count of victims is increasing day by day, hospitals are unable to provide bed slots for patients so, they are taking help of hotels in which they are giving the treatment for the victims. Also, now hospitals are treating less number of patients than before as there is lack of sufficient place due to social distancing (minimum1 meter of distance) .The price of the hospitals increased as there is much demand.

    When the covid-19 infected person visits the hospitals they are under observation, blood samples are taken and at least 5 times they are preceded for checkup to get assured about the virus. Covid-19 checkup kit costs around 5,000 in India, So if you are getting the checkup for 5 times at least then the cost goes to 5K * 5 = 25K. If the patient is found out to be positive for the virus then here comes the hospital bed cost. If we talk about the private hospitals then, there are general wards, private wards and some of the super specialty hospitals consist of private luxury wards.

    The rent of the rooms/ wards can cost between Rs.1000 - 5000 per day as per the hospitals where Rs.1000 being the cheapest. If the person doesn't need the ventilator or any of the lifesaving equipment then it costs around Rs.30, 000 per day. But in case if you need the ventilator then it will costs you around Rs.25,000 to 50,000 per day which means that the average treatment of the covid-19 patient will costs minimum Rs.3 lakhs for 14 days of quarantine.

    As per the research of Indian Express, the hospital bill for the covid-19 infected person costs Rs.3 lakhs per week up to Rs.20 lakhs per month and found that because there is no specific treatment for this virus so the patients end up paying more than required.

    As of now there is no specific treatment for this virus so hospitals are only experimenting on the people with various medicines/drugs. For an example a drug with the name "Tocilizumab" is being used in the hospitals on the covid-19 infected person and which costs about Rs.40,000 - 60,000 per dose.

    The cost for the PPE kits is Rs.800 - 3,000 per day and their costs vary upon the hospitals. Although, the room rent is also dependent on the hospital but if the victim is in ICUE then it may costs Rs.5000 - 20,000 per day.There are some additional costs for the monitoring like testing oxygen levels with the help of equipment and consultation fees which ranges from Rs.1000 - 5000 per day.

    Finally, if we add up all the costs for the treatment of the covid-19 then, it goes up to minimum of Rs.5 lakhs for 14days as after 14 days patient will get discharged.

    So, we can say that some hospitals are kind of doing business due to covid-19.

    Is there any effective way to get better at home in case if you have covid-19? The answer is YES!

    As per Dr. Ajay Goyenka who is running Chirayu Hospital, Bhopal, India has given some tips to follow at home in case if you are infected with covid-19:
    1. Drink 4-5 liters of water every day.
    2. Take sufficient amount of Vitamin C everyday which is easily available in Fruits & Supplements.
    3. Take sufficient amount of Zinc which is available in eggs.
    4. Take sufficient amount Protein.
    5. Take 3-4 cups of ginger tea for sodium and potassium.
    6. Take sufficient amount of Vitamin A and Calcium through fruits, milk and Supplements.
    7. Take sufficient amount of Vitamin D from the direct sunlight/ Supplements.
    Hospitals, also give all the above treatments apart from medicine because it's a breakdown for corona if you are taking all the minerals, vitamins and all the supplements regularly.

    When is the expected time for the covid-19 medicine to launch?

    As most of the countries are trying to make the medicine for this virus and some of the countries like Italy, Russia also informed that their first set of vaccination will be launched in September 2020. But, it's still hard to believe on the mentioned dates for the vaccination because most of the doctors assume that it can also be 2021 to get the proper vaccination for this virus.

    So, we must take as much as precautions till we get the vaccination because nobody exactly knows the right time of the arrival of the vaccination.


    Right now, world is facing this epidemic of covid-19 and thousands of people are being infected with this deadly virus day by day. Treatment in hospitals is extravagant and also don't have any assurance that a person will not get affected with covid-19 again. Hospitals are charging much for each patient which can go up to minimum of Rs.5 lakhs for the whole treatment (14days minimum). Try to follow the above tips in order to increase your immune system so that covid-19 doesn't affect you much in case if you get this virus. Take important measures and precautions to stay safe as much as you can till the arrival of vaccination.



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